Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of increasing the volume and/or improving the quality of visitors to a website from a search carried out in a search engine, such as Google.

Put simply, if someone doesn’t know your website address and are just looking for, say ‘Shrewsbury marketing companies’, you want your website to appear as high up the search results as possible when they type this phrase into Google.

One of the keys to good SEO is to present what the Search Engines want – good quality content with relative keywords.

Your website also has to be built and developed in the most effective way for search engines to find it. This is a fundamental flaw of many DIY website programmes you can find on the internet. Many older websites also struggle because they get left behind by the emergence of new technology; newer, more effective websites with good SEO steal a march.


Why is SEO important?

You want people to find your website; it’s as simple as that. Websites without any search engine optimisation are like brochures kept in the top drawer of your desk; they may look pretty but they don’t generate enquiries or sales for your business.

We consider SEO from the outset, as it is fundamental to any website’s success in terms of generating new enquiries and sales. All too often we are approached by businesses looking for SEO services, who have commissioned expensive new websites that are simply not working, whilst we will always try to help, it’s like a house, if the foundations are weak, everything else built upon them will be shaky!